Summer Programs

We've seen so much success in our schools, but not all students get a chance to participate.  In addition, there is always a need for fundraising.  So, to address all of these needs, we are going to have our first summer programs in 2010!

In the Summer of 2010, we will offer two types of camps, Lego Robotics and Game Programming.

Lego Robotics will follow the official Summer Program written by the FIRST Robotics organization, which is the group most of our schools are involved in. (Click here to read more about FIRST Lego League, or FLL).  Students will learn the basics of robot development, common terminology for mechanisms, programming and problem-solving.  The week will conclude with a friendly competition, similar to the Lego Tournaments of the previous year.  This is intended for students will little experience with Lego Robotics, and they will be grouped by similar skills.  We will have a ratio of 1 robot per 2 students, and 1 mentor to 8 students.

Game Programming
will teach kids the basics of video game development:  how art is separated from programming, and the basic constructs of programming such as conditional statements, looping, and good program design.  All students will receive a free copy of the software, manual, and their games!  They will also be given a list of resources they could use to continue improving their skills.  Students will have one-to-one computer access during the class, and will be encouraged to collaborate and do peer-critiques throughout the camp.


Where will the programs be offered?  
Our first location will be at North Gwinnett High School, but other schools may offer the same camps during this summer.   As they do, they will be listed here.

When will the programs be offered?
The NGHS programs will be held during two different weeks.  There will be two sessions of the robotics (same information in each week) and two sessions of the game programming (same information in each week).
The dates for each session are:

Lego Robotics         June 1-4 (Tues - Fri),             9am-12:30pm
Game Programming  June 1-4 (Tues - Fri),             1pm-4:30pm
Game Programming  June 14-18 (Mon - Thurs)      9am-12:30pm
Lego Robotics         June 14-18 (Mon - Thurs)      1pm-4:30pm

What is the cost?
$150 for a16-hour session.  Each day is 3.5 hours, for 4 days.  There are no additional materials fees, etc.

Do the students keep the robots?
Sorry, no.  The robots are about $300 per kit, so we need to keep them.  They do get a t-shirt and a LOT of knowledge!  Students in Game Programming do get to keep their software, manual and games.

Is this a camp owned by a teacher for their own business?
No.  These programs are going to be supervised by Mr. Reilly, Robotics Mentor and Game Programming teacher for NGHS, but Mr. Reilly will not be taking any compensation for his time.  The program has been created as a fundraising mechanism for robotics in the NGHS and LHS clusters.  During this first year, the two clusters will evenly split any profits from these programs.

How are students grouped/organized?
In robotics, students will be paired with others who have similar skills/abilities/background in robotics.   Age will be a significant factor in these pairings as well.  In Game Programming, it's more like an "art studio" where students will all be in the same room, and can work with whomever they'd like.  However, strong attention will be paid to allowing students of similar ages and skills to work alongside each other.

What if I have more questions?
Please email Mike Reilly (  Answers to questions will be posted here in addition to the responses via email.  We welcome your input and questions!